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Tic Toc, goes the clock

even for the Doctor

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The Cutest pairing: Glasses Obsess Freak & Megane Babe.



The Doctor Who and Sherlock fandoms are down, I repeat the Doctor Who and Sherlock fandoms are down.

Supernatural, it’s up to you now.


Shingeki no Kyojin Jean- Best of Kirschtein



See the entire history of the world here.

I wrote this and the entire history of the world in news feed form because I really like history jokes. This entire thing is probably the piece of writing that I am most proud of. It is also the most stolen thing I’ve ever done. People are constantly ripping off chunks and posting them on other sites without any credit. One such site that I won’t link to because fuck them posted this portion a few days ago and it has gotten 1.5 million views on their site. Again, with no credit. As someone whose employment is based on the quantifiable success of her content, and as someone whose career is based on having people know that I wrote the thing they’re currently enjoying, this is infuriating. But the bigger issue with that particular site, and in contextless, creditless posting in general, is that many people commented on that post saying that they wanted to see more, but they had no means of finding out that there was, in fact, more.

Here. More. All of history. All of it. In Facebook. For you


Happy 50th birthday Doctor Who


Happy 50th birthday Doctor Who



i hope William Hartnell had at least a small idea of what an absolute national treasure he is